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What is Civitatis?

Civitatis is the leading distribution company of Spanish-speaking activities, excursions and guided tours in the world. With over 30.000 activities in 900 destinations, Civitatis was established by Alberto Gutiérrez, a young entrepreneur who combined his traveling experiences and his passion for internet into a model of success. Passionate, ambitious and extremely focused on providing the company’s customers with the best experiences, Civitatis has grown rapidly since it was founded in 2008. Last year, in 2019, it had over 2,500.000 satisfied customers.

Our strong suit is that we hand pick the best service suppliers around the world. Working with Civitiatis is not easy! As would be expected, we offer 24-hour customer service, and we help customers from the initial planning until the end of their trip.

In addition to, our flagship, we also have very popular world travel guides in English. Some examples are, and

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