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Booking process

  • Can I buy an activity for another person?

    Of course! Simply enter the person's information on the checkout page instead of your own.

    In the payment section, enter your own billing information so that the transaction is successful.

  • How can I pay?

    Our webpage offers an easy and intuitive reservation service. You can pay securely online using a credit/debit card (Visa, MasterCard) or PayPal.

    You must pay online, as it is impossible to pay your guide directly or once you get to your destination. 

  • Is my payment secure?

    In Civitatis we have an online payment system which is 100% secure and encrypted against fraud and unauthorized transactions. We are certified as a Trustwave Trustkeeper E-commerce.

  • I think I have paid but I haven’t received a confirmation email

    The payment probably didn't go through and your activity wasn't booked. Please go back to your bookings and try again. If you've seen that the payment has gone through, maybe the email address was incorrect. In this case, please contact us and we'll solve it as soon as possible.

  • Can I book an activity and pay once I get to the destination?

    Currently, guests must pay the total amount when booking a service. Credit cards (except for American Express), debit cards and PayPal are all accepted.

  • After I make a booking, how long will I wait to receive my voucher?

    Most confirmation emails (vouchers) are sent as soon as the payment transaction is made. If you don't receive it, please check your spam or junk folder. If you can't find it, please check the following:

    • Check your bank account or PayPal to see if the payment has been made.
    • Maybe the email address was incorrect. Please contact us and we'll help you solve it as soon as possible.
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Reviews and feedback

  • The reviews are too positive. Are they genuine?

    All our reviews are written by our customers who have booked an activity on our Civitatis site. Once the activity comes to an end, you’ll receive an email in which you can send us your feedback, which we hope will have been fantastic!

  • Why don’t I see my review published?

    Once we receive your review, we’ll check it and publish it as soon as possible.

    If you need to contact us for another reason, please send us an email and we’ll be delighted to help you.

    Civitatis reserves the right to remove a review for the following motives exclusively:

    • If it contains obscene or discriminatory language.
    • If it includes ads or links to other websites.
    • If it doesn’t refer to the activity that the customer booked.
    • The customer has made a mistake or wishes to edit or remove their review.
  • How can I give feedback about my experience?

    Our raison d’être is your satisfaction. You’ll receive an email with a form you can fill out at the end of every activity. Help us improve!

Prices and special rates

Dates and times

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Private tours


  • Can I cancel my booking?

    Each local organizer has a different cancellation policy, which is shown on the tour or activity page of our website. If you cancel your activity after the deadline and it is due to a serious cause or beyond your control, please contact us and we’ll try and find a solution.

  • What is the cancellation policy?

    We always try and maximize the free cancellation period. Nevertheless, each activity and destination is different, so please check each activity’s cancellation policy, shown on the tour or activity page of our website.

    If you cancel an activity within the “free cancellation period”, you’ll be refunded in the same way you paid. Since it is an automatic operation, it cannot be modified for security reasons.

  • What happens if it rains or there is bad weather?

    All activities will take place throughout the year even if it rains. If the weather conditions are extreme (for example a snow storm) and the organizer cancels the tour, you’ll either be refunded immediately or be able to do the activity on another day.

  • Can I change the refund payment method if the activity is cancelled?

    If the activity is cancelled or if you cancel it, you’ll be refunded by crediting the same payment method used to book the activity. This operation is automatic and cannot be modified for security reasons.